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Trying To Fit A Square Peg Into A Round Hole? A Customized CRM Can Help.

By Lokava

Choosing a CRM for your business can be a scary task. Given the number of vendors providing off-the-shelf CRM solutions and the countless features they offer, it can leave you wondering:


  • Why am I paying for all these features when I only need a handful?
  • Am I getting the features my business actually needs?


And despite your business being completely different to the other customers of a CRM solution provider, you will all still be sharing the same data model (multi-tenant architecture). You will now have to adapt all your processes and workflows to abide by the rules of the CRM system.

If this sounds a little backwards… that’s because it is.

Your CRM should fit your business needs and not the other way around!

Here are 4 important reasons as to why a customized CRM built specifically for your business might be the solution you need.


1. Custom Workflows

A workflow can be described as the steps taken to complete a task. Over time it is crucial that a business optimizes its workflows and processes to improve efficiency, cut costs and ultimately have a leg up on its competition.

It’s rare to find businesses that share the same workflows… even if they are operating in identical industries.

Many CRM vendors contain in-built workflows that are described as being “user-friendly” and “customizable”. But if everyone is using them, then a workflow that is user-friendly to me, may be a complete mess to your business. Also, the ability to customize these workflows are not infinite, leaving your staff having to implement multiple workarounds – all the while asking “Why am I wasting my time on this?”

In the event that your business implements changes to its workflows, these can be adopted by the CRM solution, ensuring that it is perfectly aligned with your business. Off-the-shelf systems won’t offer this level of customisation.

A custom CRM solution developed for your business can allow you and your staff to follow your own efficient and optimized processes without any hassles.


2. Automation

Automation refers to parts of the workflow that happen automatically. Emailing a salesperson as soon as a new lead is generated or creating and sending invoices at the click of a button are examples of automation in action.

Many CRMs come with built in automation tools and generally cater to what most customers want. However, this can be an issue if you are in the minority. What if the automation tool doesn’t line up with your workflows? Or your workflow changes?

With a customized solution, you can ensure that any automation is tailored to your business needs specifically. And if you require a change to your automation, then you are in complete control to make that change.


3. Simple Navigation

We all know the frustrating feeling of having to click through 8 different screens to finally extract the information you were after. And what if that information is required daily? Imagine the productivity wasted dealing with such an inefficient process. What a nightmare!

A custom built CRM provides you with an interface and user experience designed to match the exact requirements of your business. Is there data your staff access multiple times a day? This information can be displayed within easy reach.

This tailor made approach can be adapted to all parts of the user interface leaving you with a product that works the way YOU want it.


4. No Lock-In

Unfortunately, purchasing off-the-shelf solutions or paying for a CRM on a monthly basis locks you in. This means in most cases, you will not have access to the solution’s codebase.

The consequence of this being you will not be able to update the codebase as your business needs evolve. These include potential changes to items listed above such as workflows and processes but also integration with 3rd party software and services.

A custom CRM coded specifically for your business ensures that you have complete freedom to add or remove features, change the UI, update workflows whenever you want and integrate with 3rd party software and services.

We hope this article gives you some guidance on the key things to consider when looking for a CRM solution for your business.


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