Project Type: User Interface Design and Implementation

  • Connect PeriCoach Device via Bluetooth
  • Perform Exercise
  • Transmitting Data to PeriCoach App

Analytica Medical

Lokava recently had the privilege of working on an exciting health tech product… PeriCoach! PeriCoach is the premier product of Analytica Medical, an ASX listed company, that helps women suffering from urinary incontinence - a problem that affects 1 in 3 women worldwide.

PeriCoach comprises of a physical hardware device, a web portal and a smartphone app. The Bluetooth enabled hardware device allows women to track their pelvic muscle exercises in real-time via the smartphone app. This data can also be used later by physicians via the web portal to monitor their patient's progress.


Brand Guide


What needed to be done?

Analytica Medical approached Lokava Software looking to completely redesign their current smartphone app. The goal was to give the app a more modern and sleek look while improving the overall user experience. Once the designs were completed, Lokava would then implement the designs within the smartphone app (a hybrid app built using Apache Cordova).

Through discussions with Pericoach’s product manager, Chelsea Cornelius, we began to better understand the kind of design that would best resonate with Pericoach's target demographic -

Easy to read icons

Clean colour scheme to match brand guidelines

Clear Graph Displays

We initiated the project by providing a few sample designs based on PeriCoach's existing colour scheme to get an idea of the design direction that would be taken for the remainder of the project. Using the platform “Invision” (a great tool for sharing designs/prototypes) we provided the client with design drafts which they could view on the platform and easily pinpoint areas to leave feedback and comments.

What followed was an iterative process where various aspects of the design and its implications on user experience were discussed.

In particular, significant improvements were made to the app screens related to reporting of a user's results,

Some Examples of the Final Designs

Coding the designs / Merging the code with ongoing updates

Once the designs were finalised, the next step was to write the code to implement the new designs into the existing app.

This required an initial assessment of the existing codebase to determine where exactly changes needed to be made and the estimated scope of work. This can be a time consuming process for developers as they have to figure out the structure of the app and subsequently the optimal way to implement changes - this encompasses ensuring ease of future extensibility of the code base and that no new bugs are introduced or existing features are broken.

Additionally, Analytica Medical’s original development team were simultaneously working on adding new features to the app. This meant that we had to ensure our changes did not conflict with the work the other team was doing… a task made much simpler through the use version control (Git)!

Looking into the future

After a lot of hard work and testing, the new designs were successfully implemented into the app!

Analytica Medical is now preparing for a big marketing push to attract more users and gain further feedback on the app. Exciting times are ahead!