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PeriCoach is the premier product of Analytica Limited (ASX: ALT) that helps women suffering from urinary incontinence – a problem that affects 1 in 3 women worldwide.

PeriCoach comprises of a physical hardware device, a web portal and a smartphone app. The Bluetooth enabled hardware device allows women to track their pelvic muscle exercises in real-time via the smartphone app. This data can also be used later by physicians via the web portal to monitor their patient’s progress.

Analytica Medical approached Lokava Software looking to completely redesign their current smartphone app from the ground up. The goal was to give the app a more modern and sleek look while improving the overall user experience. Once the designs were completed, Lokava then implemented the designs by updating the app’s codebase.

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NeuroSpine Activity - Prince of Wales Hospital

NeuroSpine Activity was developed in conjunction with the Neurospine Clinic at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, Australia. The platform comprises of an iOS based app (which utilises Apple’s HealthKit SDK) in conjunction with a web based portal that can be accessed by medical staff. The portal provides valuable data to clinic staff and helps improve patient care pre-op and post-op by leveraging the data collected from patients who are using the mobile app.

Markwater Plumbing

Markwater Plumbing is a Sydney based plumbing company. They approached Lokava to overhaul their manual processes and implement a digital platform across the company. Lokava subsequently implemented a mobile platform solution along with a web based admin portal to help staff manage jobs, tasks and schedules which massively improved productivity.

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Fremantle Markets Traders

Fremantle Markets is Western Australia’s ultimate market experience for locals and tourists. The company reached out to Lokava to develop a simple app for their traders to access stall compliance materials while on the go.

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The iCanteeen app was developed to allow users to shop quickly and efficiently at participating iCanteeen locations.

Users can simply scan the QR code at the store, scan item barcodes to add products to their cart and checkout using their credit card. It’s super easy!


Building an app to supplement an existing business can be a terrific idea and is exactly why our client Jarrod wanted to develop ‘MyGymBuddy’ for his personal training business.

In order to provide his personal training clients with increased value and also generate additional revenue streams within his business, Jarrod approached Lokava to develop a mobile app.

The app includes features such as a News Feed, Workout Database and Workout Playlist which keeps users informed and up to date on nutrition, health, fitness and how to perform exercises safely.

APS Advisory

APS Advisory is a boutique financial services firm based in Sydney. They approached Lokava to help overhaul their web presence and design a brand new mobile responsive website to better highlight their service offerings.

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Team Feedback

The Team Feedback app was developed in collaboration with Brett White from Be Leadership. The app was designed to support leaders and coaches by creating fast, accessible and simple feedback from their team or organisation.

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Trade AiDE

Andrew Dare Electrical is an electrical contracting business located in Tasmania. They approached Lokava to develop an app to help their customers submit quote/repair requests with ease. The app allows users to submit photos, video and a description of the electrical issue they are facing straight to the Andrew Dare Electrical team. The team has access to an admin dashboard which allows them to manage quote/repair requests and respond quickly and efficiently. The process is seamless and much more effective at getting to the bottom of the issue being faced by the customer.


ROSTRMe offers a new approach to making connections between employers and job seekers in the pharmaceutical industry. The app was designed to speed up the job application process in a time-strapped industry by having candidates send their profiles directly to employers without any intermediaries involved. The result is quick and efficient and allows employers to screen candidates by swiping through profiles. It couldn’t be easier.


Every parent knows the stressful feeling of not knowing the whereabouts of their young children. SkyNanny manufactures a hardware device that helps solve this issue and allows parents to keep track of their kids, giving them peace of mind. SkyNanny approached Lokava to design and develop their iOS app which interfaces with the SkyNanny hardware device. Lokava developed the iOS app from the ground up, utilising technologies such as GPS and Bluetooth LE. The app interfaces with the SkyNanny device seamlessly and allows parents to know their kids whereabouts using maps or proximity based measures.

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Brochure Express

Brochure Express is a brochure delivery and marketing service for tourism activities in the Hunter Region of NSW. The company approached Lokava to develop an app to help supplement their existing service offering. The app acts as a local catalogue of businesses and activities in the northern NSW area and make it easy for users to find places to eat and things to do in the area.

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How software can work for you?

Communication Platform

Keeping people informed and up to date is very important, especially in today’s world.

As a shift manager at a bustling fast food restaurant, you need to be on top of employee shift times. Your employees could schedule changes to their shifts and lock in times, all within a simple app.

Location and Navigation

Find exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Ever wondered where the best coffee joint is in your area? Not only could an app tell you where to find your next coffee fix, but it will also help you get there!

Reporting and Analytics

Make sure your next key business decision is not a stab in the dark.

Your boss has asked you to deliver a presentation on the division’s performance over the last quarter... this Thursday afternoon! With a reporting/analytics tool you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Now you can play with data sets until the cows come home.

Help Parties Transact and Exchange Goods & Services

You have something I want. I have something you want.

Booked your flights but looking for last minute accommodation? Jump onto a website that can connect you to someone who has that perfect apartment with a great view of the city... just waiting for you.

Process Improvement and Automation

Turn that grueling 2 hour process you dread.. into a few delightful mouse clicks.

You wake up in a cold sweat as you remember the drawn out and miserable process you need to perform at work every Monday morning. Oh wait, that hour long process only takes a few seconds with your new software. Guess it was just a bad dream after all?

Inventory and Asset Management

Keep a close eye on your prized assets.

Your business is growing - great! But you're now losing track of your inventory at an alarming rate - not so great.. A simple app to track the movement of assets through your business at all times can give you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

Incident Reporting and Management

A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again.

At the construction site.
Wednesday: Barry falls into a hole
Thursday: Dave falls into the same hole
Friday: James falls into the same hole…

After utilising incident reporting software.

Wednesday: Barry falls into a hole.
The incident is immediately reported via the app.
Thursday: Hole is covered
Friday: Business as usual followed by a few cold beers!

Education and Training

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

As a HR manager you are planning the staff training strategy for the upcoming financial year. Unfortunately based on previous experience, you know how difficult it is to get staff excited about learning/development initiatives.

This year will be different.

With a slick software solution, your staff can now access learning modules wherever they are not just in the office. Not only will the delivery of the content be presented in an engaging and flexible manner, you will also be able to track and log each employee’s progress and derive meaningful analytics for this data.

“Ever wondered what the process of building an app is like…?

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The team at Lokava Software are very professional, prompt and excellent with communications. There was constant communication and feedback from the team through the entire process of having our App built. They were able to provide all the features asked for, and suggested excellent improvements from our initial concept. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with in all aspects, at all stages of development. They were even able to design and implement a landing page, and instructional video. Any changes that needed to be made were discussed in depth and a variety of options were offered to us before being implemented. The team at Lokava Software were able to far exceed our expectations with the end product and we couldn't be happier with the service and product we received.

Ben Palmer
Founder MyPartz