Neurospine Activity


Project Type: iOS App Design & Development

Prince of Wales Private Hospital

Technology has been slowly creeping into every facet of our life and health care is no exception. Lokava recently had the pleasure of working with the Neurospine Clinic at the Prince Of Wales hospital to build a software system to help staff monitor clinic patients at both the pre-op and post-op stages.

The Neurospine Clinic needed data on the distances patients had been walking, the number of calories they had burnt and how much they had been sleeping. This data was important in measuring patient mobility and recovery progress.

So how could this be implemented in a way that was not obtrusive to the patient and allowed for hospital staff to easily access patient data?

Apple’s Healthkit SDK of course!

Recently Apple has made great strides in the healthcare space and their HealthKit SDK allows developers to extract valuable health related data from both a user’s iPhone and Apple Watch. The Neurospine Clinic already had a FitBit solution for non-iPhone/Apple Watch users and so Lokava helped with the development of an app for all the Apple users out there.

Data Logging

A patient could simply use our app on their iPhone or Apple Watch which would automatically track the number of steps they had taken, distances walked and how much they had been sleeping. This data would then be automatically sent to a web based admin panel built specifically for staff at the Neurospine clinic to review.

Step Count Reminders

The clinic also wanted the ability to remind patients that they should be taking a minimum of 1000 steps on a daily basis. Therefore the app was designed to send a push notification to any users who had not met this requirement at 8AM the following day to remind them to keep moving.

We hope to see even more use of technology in the health care space in the future with the goal of improving patient care and recovery!

The staff and service of Lokava has been professional and extremely invaluable throughout our journey. They were fantastic from helping us during the planning stages of our own app, regularly providing progress updates and testing, and even in the latter stages towards getting our software over the last few hurdles and live on the market.

From the onset they were not only competitive in price but have remained directly contactable at all times throughout our experience. We have been extremely pleased with the service we have received which was organised into checkpoints based on planning, drafting, rigid testing and of course the launch! At each checkpoint we made formal contact with one another in case each party had new ideas or amendments in mind to ultimately better the final product. Even outside these checkpoints, and after our product was launched, they have been approachable and diligent in answering queries.

The Lokava Software group were critical in the development of our medical research applications and I would recommend them to anyone for similar or more advanced projects to approach them!

Dr Monish Maharaj
Prince of Wales Hospital
Neurosurgical Research Group (NSURG)