Project Type: iOS App Design & Development


Building an app to supplement an existing business can be a terrific idea and is exactly why our client Jarrod wanted to develop ‘My Gym Buddy’ for his personal training business.

In order to provide his personal training clients with increased value and also generate additional revenue streams within his business, Jarrod approached Lokava to develop a mobile app. The app would contain 3 core features:

News Feed

Where clients could read articles on health, nutrition and fitness. Admins could also share their own workout playlists and exercise tips with clients. These shared workout playlists could be saved by the client and used during a workout.

Workout Database

A database containing workouts, images, videos and info on specific exercises. This would give clients the necessary information to ensure that they were performing exercises using the proper technique to maximise benefits and avoid injury.

Workout Playlist

Clients could build a playlist of workouts using exercises from the workout database. Different playlists could be saved (e.g. one for each day). Clients could also save admin playlists and base their workouts around them.

Some Examples of the Final Designs

We also built a web based admin portal for Jarrod which allowed him to:

  • Create workout playlists and share them on the news feed for clients.
  • Manage all users on the platform.

...and also

  • Write news feed articles and place them into relevant categories. Articles could also be marked as “Free” or “Premium”.
  • Create exercises for the workout database.

What’s next for Jarrod?

This app will now give Jarrod’s clients increased value from his personal training service while also generating additional revenue for the business through the premium content on the app. Looking for ways to improve your business is not always easy but as competition grows it is crucial that business owners find a way to differentiate their services from the competition.

We admire Jarrod’s entrepreneurial spirit and wish him all the best in his business!

The team at Lokava were great in meeting my needs and bringing my ideas surrounding MyGymBuddy to life. The app itself is great and has been received really well. Would recommend the guys at Lokava any day, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Jarrod Wynn
Founder, MyGymBuddy