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Google Now on tap

By Lokava

“Google Now On Tap” is a new feature in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) that will look at what is happening on your screen and provide what it believes to be relevant and handy supplementary information.

The best way to explain this would be with an example.

Let’s say that you receive a text message from your friend:

“Wanna go watch “Straight Outta Compton” tonight?”.

If you’re not really down with the whole rap scene and have no idea what your friend is talking about – “Now On Tap” has you covered. Simply hold down the “home” button and information regarding the movie such as ratings, synopsis and cast will be seamlessly displayed for your viewing pleasure. Press “back” and you will be returned to your text message. Very convenient!

Here’s a quick visual overview of how this works

google now on tap example

Image source

Android Marshmallow will also allow Google Now to look at whatever is happening on your screen and provide relevant info or answers.

So perhaps you’re listening to your favourite Taylor Swift track on Spotify and have the sudden realisation that she in fact quite tall… and now, you absolutely MUST know how tall she is? Trigger “Google Now” and simply ask “How tall is she?”. Google Now will understand that your question relates to Taylor Swift and will promptly return with the answer… 1.78m! And at no point was your enjoyment of Taylor Swift interrupted!

What does this mean for you?

Google has already integrated almost 70 third-party apps with this new feature and hopefully this will only continue to increase. So if your startup is currently building an app that allows users to order takeaway and a user receives a text like:

“How about we grab some Thai food tonight?”

Triggering On Tap may allow the user to see all the Thai places in the vicinity within your application, allowing them to conveniently order food through your app, return to the text message and respond:

“Done. See you soon!”.

Now On Tap truly appears to be an exciting and powerful feature of Android Marshmallow and we look forward to seeing how we can help you integrate its functionality within your app.

See it in action here:

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