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Who is the consulting process for?

Broadly speaking, we work with people who fall into one of two categories:

1. People who have a VERY clear idea of what they want to achieve and need our help to build the software.

2. People who are still in the process of refining their idea. They are looking for advice on: whether the idea is viable, market fit, implementation strategies and much more.

If you find yourself in the second category, we can help!

Our consultation process will provide you with the following


This initial step not only involves understanding WHAT you are doing but also WHY you are doing it. We look at existing competitors and your points of differentiation. Are you looking to target a very particular niche? Your potential user base - what do you know about them? Why do they need your app?

This is quite an intensive process but you will come out of it with a much clearer and refined vision for your idea.


Here we look at how the different parts of your app fit together. If I click this button, where does it take me? Is this intuitive or will it confuse the user?

Building wireframes will elevate your idea from a mere concept into a tangible form that can be further evaluated and scrutinized before moving to the next stage.

User Interface / User Experience Design

This is where we turn your wireframes into a beautiful, refined and intuitive design. We concentrate heavily on the user experience to ensure that your app’s functionality is appreciated and easily grasped by your users.

Clickable Prototype

The final step incorporates all the work in the previous step to create a clickable prototype that you can confidently exhibit to potential users, investors or whoever you want!

“Ever wondered what the process of building an app is like…?

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The team at Lokava Software are very professional, prompt and excellent with communications. There was constant communication and feedback from the team through the entire process of having our App built. They were able to provide all the features asked for, and suggested excellent improvements from our initial concept. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with in all aspects, at all stages of development. They were even able to design and implement a landing page, and instructional video. Any changes that needed to be made were discussed in depth and a variety of options were offered to us before being implemented. The team at Lokava Software were able to far exceed our expectations with the end product and we couldn't be happier with the service and product we received.

Ben Palmer
Founder MyPartz