Babies and Business – Lokava

Babies and Business

By Lokava

One of the biggest mistakes that two people in a failing relationship can make is… to have a baby.


Because it most likely isn’t solving the root problem at hand.

So what in the world does this have to do with business you might say?

This can be applied as an analogy to your business where:

1) The relationship = Your business

2) The baby = a mobile app solution

We often have clients coming to us with a mobile app solution already in mind, in the hope that this solution will solve all the key issues they are currently facing with their business. This is a dangerous line of thinking.

A mobile app may not be the solution your business needs right now. Perhaps an improvement to an internal process is all that is needed to help turn things around. This may come in the form of a software based solution but it may not…

In many cases a mobile app has the potential to open up new sales channels or digitise a manual process – however the viability of such a solution needs to be closely analysed with the core needs of the business.

Always try and identify the root issue and whether the proposed solution is appropriate for the problem at hand.

As they say “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.


Most businesses make the SAME MISTAKES again and again... when building their apps.

They end up wasting HUGE amounts of TIME and MONEY!


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