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Managing Off-Site Employees? You May Need An Enterprise Mobile Solution.

By Lokava

The days of thick folders filled with paper forms, invoices and timesheets are well and truly behind us.

Amen to that!

However, if your business is still wasting large amounts of time in all the administration work of managing your offsite employees, this could be giving your competition the edge.


Why Do I Need An Enterprise Mobile Solution?

The reason businesses are fervently optimising their operations is because they are immediately experiencing the return on investment.


1. Cost Savings

Every minute an employee spends on processing job requests, filling out timesheets, assigning jobs to off-site workers and rummaging through thick folders to find job specifications is money flying out of your business.

A mobile solution can simplify these tasks to the click of a few buttons, saving your staff thousands of dollars in time – not to mention the headache of doing everything manually.


2. More Time To Generate Business!

With all the data related to off-site employees and jobs now being handled via software, you will now have more time to spend on servicing existing and finding new clients.


3. Improve Employee Efficiency

Research has shown that humans have a limited supply of willpower within a single day. If that’s the case, wouldn’t you prefer your staff to be working on the things that matter while their mind is fresh?



An Enterprise Solution in Action

We recently worked with a client in the construction industry who wanted to move away from a very manual driven administrative process for their business.

Their existing process involved:

  • Using files/folders to store client and job information.
  • Using physical timesheets.
  • Relaying job information to off-site employees via paper based forms.
  • Searching through files and folders to determine the status of a job.

Ultimately the process had a lot of administrative overhead which lead to frustration and hours of wasted time.

The client envisioned a system whereby they could enter any relevant client/job data on an online platform and have this information relayed to their off-site staff via a mobile app.

This allowed for real-time awareness for company employees as to what was happening with any job on any given day.

Improved efficiency was achieved by the elimination of physical timesheets, timely relaying of information and the significant reduction of the administrative burden.


If you feel an Enterprise Mobility Solution could benefit your business, we would love to discuss how we could best help you.



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