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6 Important Factors When Choosing Your App Developer

By Lokava

Building an app is an investment in your business. Therefore it is crucial that you select the right development team for your idea. This can be a daunting task if you have never worked with an app development team before.

So here are a few tips to get you started…

Local point of contact

single point of contact

App developers are now located in every corner of the world. Many companies and individuals outsource their development in the pursuit of cheaper prices – often a big mistake.

While this strategy can potentially work if you are experienced and have a technical background in app development… it can be an absolute disaster for those who don’t.

Local teams are able to better understand your specifications in the context of your target market. This can subsequently have effects on the design, flow and feature set of your app. Communication is also easier due to the lack of language barriers and time zone differences.

Look beyond coding skills

teamwork collaboration

Many people think that the technical ability of the app development team is the only metric through which they should be evaluated. While technical ability is very important, by focusing only on hard skills you will overlook not only soft skills but business savvy.

Working with your development team should be a collaborative process. An experienced team that truly understands your product will be able to make suggestions and improvements not only from a technical standpoint but from a business standpoint as well.

There’s a good chance a savvy team has come across similar issues in the past that you are currently facing. A team that has the ability to identify and advise on these issues can be much more valuable to the development process of the product compared to a team that is just focusing on the technical implementation.

These suggestions can sometimes have a profound effect on improving the product in ways you may never have thought of.

Single Developer vs Teams


Logging onto a freelance site and entrusting your app idea to a single developer is often the cheapest option… but it is fraught with risks.

Stories abound of clients who have been left with sub par apps or found themselves suddenly unable to contact their developer. Not to mention the number of clients whose projects have been abandoned as soon as their freelancer came across a more profitable opportunity.

With an established company looking after your app, clear communication channels are already in place and therefore you will always know the current status of development.

Teams are able to work together and each individual on the team will bring their expertise to the table, often resulting in a stronger and more polished outcome. It is rare to find a single developer whose skills can compare to the combined expertise of a team.

A study by the Harvard Business review found strong evidence linking diversity within a team to increased innovation. As they say “two heads are better than one”, so why not leave your app in the hands of an expert team?


After coming up with your app idea, you will be eager to find out how much it will cost.

So you jump on the phone with an app developer and after a few minutes of conversation, they provide you with a price estimate.

…does something seem wrong here?

It is close to impossible for even the most experienced app developer to fully appreciate a client’s vision, their target market and assess various implementation possibilities within the span of a few minutes.

If you are investing in an app for your business, it is essential that your development team takes the time to fully appreciate your requirements upfront in order to give you thoughtful feedback on how best your goals can be achieved and the costs involved.

Post-deployment support


No matter how strong your development team, bugs in the software are bound to appear. Therefore once your app has been deployed it is important that your developer doesn’t vanish like a ghost.

Ensure that your app developer specifies a period of post app deployment support so that any little bugs that are discovered in your app are quickly rectified.

Think deeply about your idea

idea brainstorming

When working with freelancers, you will often find that they will only work to a specification that you provide. This means that you need to tell the freelancer exactly what you want and they will build it. There is no brainstorming, discussion or interaction. Ideas are not being thrown around and analysed.

This is a crucial part of the process of bringing a concept to life. The team you work with need to be on board and excited about providing suggestions and building the best platform possible.

Remember to keep these tips in mind when looking for an app developer for your next project!



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