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Lokava works closely with enterprises and start-ups to conceptualize and develop software solutions that will help give them a competitive edge and elevate their business to the next level

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Software to help you

Increase revenue

Grab market share from your less tech savvy competition through the use of innovative software.

Reduce costs

Employees spending time on repetitive tasks day after day is a huge waste of money and resources. Automate these processes to free up additional capacity and cut costs within your business.

Improve marketing / visibility

Re-designing your website to give customers a true sense of your business’ values and offerings may be all that it takes to see a sudden upswing in business.

Engage customers better

In today’s time poor world, convenience is king. Provide your clients with a slick and easy user experience and have them coming back for more.

Transform a fresh business idea into a working product or service.

A novel idea is great but… execution is key. We can help you iron out the nitty gritty details to ensure your idea is executed in a technically sound and commercially viable manner.

Our Services

Mobile apps

We design and build iOS and Android apps - we’ve got the two biggest mobile platforms covered. We’ll take you from wireframes all the way to launch on the App Store and Play Store.

Websites and Web Applications

This includes everything from websites for businesses to e-commerce platforms to sell your products and services.

Augmented / Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality is on the verge of becoming a part of our everyday lives. Remember that guy creeping around in your garden last night for Pokemon? You can thank Augmented Reality for that!

Internet of Things (IoT)

Imagine stepping inside your home after a gruelling day at work to find soft jazz whispering through your sound system, lights dimmed to a comfortable level and the air conditioning set to a pleasant temperature. IoT enabled devices can turn this into a reality.

Admin Panels / CRM / CMS / Analytics

We build software to help you to track all the key aspects of your business - from sales to inventory management to key business metrics, whatever your industry.


APIs allow your software to talk to other people’s software and vice versa. Say you have a valuable database of information that you are looking to monetize… an API is a great way to let interested parties access your data in a controlled manner.

Design Prototypes and Branding

If you’re looking to test a concept cost effectively, a design prototype could be exactly what you are after. Allow your stakeholders to view a beautifully designed clickable prototype so that they can truly understand your vision.

Featured Projects


ROSTRMe was developed for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to allow employers to efficiently screen potential candidates for vacant job positions. No more reading through lengthy CV’s - just check out a candidate’s profile and shortlist them for the role with a quick swipe!


MyGymBuddy is the ultimate companion on your fitness journey. Learn the proper way to perform exercises, create workouts playlists and read curated content about exercise, nutrition and healthy living.

Brochure Express

Brochure Express is a brochure delivery and marketing service for tourism activities in the Hunter Region of NSW. The company approached Lokava to develop an app to help supplement their existing service offering. The app acts as a local catalogue of businesses and activities in the northern NSW area and make it easy for users to find places to eat and things to do in the area.


Every parent knows the stressful feeling of not knowing the whereabouts of their children. SkyNanny manufactures a hardware device that solves this problem and allows parents to keep track of their kids. They approached Lokava to design and develop their iOS app which interfaces with the hardware device. We built the app from the ground up, utilizing technologies such as GPS and Bluetooth LE.

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The team at Lokava Software are very professional, prompt and excellent with communications. There was constant communication and feedback from the team through the entire process of having our App built. They were able to provide all the features asked for, and suggested excellent improvements from our initial concept. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with in all aspects, at all stages of development. They were even able to design and implement a landing page, and instructional video. Any changes that needed to be made were discussed in depth and a variety of options were offered to us before being implemented. The team at Lokava Software were able to far exceed our expectations with the end product and we couldn't be happier with the service and product we received.

Ben Palmer
Founder MyPartz